Concrete Foundations And Piers

Looking for a company you can trust to pour the foundation or piers for your structure? With Elzinga Concrete’s experience in residential and commercial concrete you don’t have to worry about issues occuring after the job’s done.

Foundations work as a platform that provides stability for the whole structure built above it. If not constructed properly it can move, shift, and crack exposing leaks, pests and potential destruction. Choosing a company with experience may cost more on the front end but will protect your investment and save money in the long run.

Taking into account soil type, water tables, frost lines and vulnerability to high winds Elzinga Concrete will determine the best plan for your location. Going with a team that is

knowledgeable and confident in building your platform is vital for moving forward with the rest of your project.

If you are experiencing issues with your current foundation or are looking to prevent future problems — concrete piers can stop shifting in its tracks. By supporting problem areas where the soil has settled concrete piers can add support and work as a permanent fix adding stability back to your old foundation.

For more information about concrete foundations and piers from the experts at Elzinga Concrete, or for a free quote on your next project, please contact us here or call us directly at 616.327.9161.